How to order your photos

At present orders are taken over the telephone or by our order form.

Please Phone 

07795 511607

To make your ordering experience easier, please follow these simple guidelines:

Browse our photos

Make a note of the name and date of the meet.

Make a note of the number of the photo/s required.


Choose your size

Decide on the size of the photo.

Sizes available are:
7″x 5″           £5.99
8″x 6″           £7.99
10″x 8″         £11.99
12″x 8″         £14.99
16″x 12″       £24.99

Place Order

Select image type below

Fill in the details on the order form.


When this information has been received you will be contacted by email with a total cost and estimated delivery time.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or paypal. Photos will not be sent out until the full payment has been received.